Music and painting are my passions in life. Born in 1958 in The Netherlands I was first trained as a pianist and afterwards as an art historian. But drawing and painting were part of me since I was a small child, as much as music.

That’s why I started and completed an education as a fine artist at the Klassieke Academie voor Schilderkunst in Groningen, the city where I live. I graduated in 2016.

Oil paint, watercolor and printing ink are my favorite media. When I am painting, color and composition are my main focus. A painting makes me happy when colors and composition make sense. I like to depict all sorts of subjects but mainly still life’s, flowers and landscapes.

Actually, after so many years of painting, I still don’t know exactly how and what to paint. I suppose it is myself I hope to find, like I am looking for myself in life likewise. It is all a matter of never ending continuous evolving, and I have com to see that not as a problem but as a great adventure. What could be more wonderful than surrendering to the moment with a palette full of colors and a blank canvas!